PlastiKote Upside Down Marking Spray Paint 750ml Yellow s490861

Resists weathering and will not wash away
Unique squeeze cap

£4.95 inc VAT

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SupaDec Bathroom Sealing Strip 3.35M x 38mm s536115

a) For finishing around baths, panels and shower trays b) Quick, clean, easy to install c) Long l

£5.95 inc VAT

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DULUX Exterior Gloss 750ml BUCKINGHAM s445517

Weathershield Exterior Gloss has 6 year weathering durability guaranteed provided surfaces are in

£13.99 inc VAT

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SupaDec Foam Roller 7"/175mm FR7 s506724

For emulsion paints on smooth surfaces
7'' foam roller and frame

£2.85 inc VAT

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SupaDec DIY Wall Paint Brush 4" / 100mm DIYW4 s504896

General Purpose
Budget quality brush suitable for DIY

£2.95 inc VAT

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SOUDAL FixAll Sealant Adhesive CLEAR 290ml 313620

Crystal Clear SMX Sealant & Adhesive.
Mould resistant

£6.85 inc VAT

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Dulux Silk is a smooth and creamy emulsion paint for use on walls and ceilings which is ideal for

£12.99 inc VAT

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DULUX Gloss Non Drip B/White 1.25L s670317

An easy to use non-drip formulation, for wood and metal, giving long-lasting protection and beaut

£9.95 inc VAT

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GRANOCRYL Masonry Paint Smooth 5lt MAGNOLIA s671395

A high quality masonry paint, specially formulated to provide excellent covering power, outstandi

£16.95 inc VAT

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Johnstones Quick Dry SATIN 0.75Lt Moonlit Sky s342011

Johnstones Quick Dry SATIN 0.75Lt Moonlit Sky PAINT

£11.60 inc VAT

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SupaDec Aluminium Oxide 3m Roll Coarse Grade, 60 Grit,511687

Aluminium oxide abrasive uses a heavy E weight ‘crack resistant’ paper backing which is elect

£2.75 inc VAT

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