Decorating Accesories

POLYCELL Polyfilla For WOOD 75g Light s330314

Fills up to 10mm deep in one application

£2.75 inc VAT

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SupaDec Overlap & Border Adhesive 250g s674590

Suitable for all borders including vinyl over vinyl and all wallpaper repairs

£1.55 inc VAT

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SupaDec Decorator Varnish & Paint Brush 2"/50mm DEC2 s547109

Great finish for all paints
Ideal for doors
Quality paint & varnish brush

£1.95 inc VAT

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SupaDec ROLLER FRAME MINI 21" MRF21 s475051

For use with 4” mini roller refills
Push on/pull off

£1.50 inc VAT

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SupaDec Methylated Spirit 750ml s399170

For use with camping stoves, fondues and for general cleaning purposes.

£2.35 inc VAT

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SupaDec DIY Wall Paint Brush 5" /125mm DIYW5 s505001

General Purpose
Budget quality brush suitable for DIY

£3.38 inc VAT

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SupaDec Masonry Block Paint Brush 30mm x 120mm SDBB5 s329846

Ideal for rough exterior stonework
Bristle & polyester mix for added durability

£3.15 inc VAT

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SupaDec ROLLER REFILL Mini 4"Gloss Pile Pk10 s510559

Short pile fabric
Suitable for gloss paints
Pack 10

£5.60 inc VAT

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d-c-fix Self Adhesive Film Maple 45cm x 2m s553597

Self adhesive - easy to use!
Can be used on any dry flat surface - Fully removable

£3.90 inc VAT

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POLYCELL SEALANT Bath & KITCHENS 22mm White 692897

Polycell Sealant is a great way to cover imperfections

£5.95 inc VAT

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SupaDec Multi Purpose Wipes Pack 100 s886554

Cleans up; paint, sealant, adhesive, bitumen, expanding foam, oil, grease and much more

£6.85 inc VAT

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SupaDec No Bristle Loss Paint Brush 1.5"/38mm NBL15 s336641

Great finish for all paints
Ideal size for frames and skirting boards

£1.35 inc VAT

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