Loctite Super Glue Precision Max 10g Bottle s143033

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Product description

Loctite Precision Max – Especially suited for precise applications.
Are you looking for a glue for those hard-to-reach places? Do you need a strong adhesive without the mess? This convenient repair glue with its extra-long nozzle is especially suited for precise applications on hard-to-reach surfaces. Providing instant strength, transparent drying technology and an anti-clog cap, Loctite Precision Max ensures durable, long-lasting and invisible repairs with an accurate delivery. Easy-to-use and practical, this transparent glue works on a variety of materials – from wood to rubber, plastic* and more – it even works as a leather glue. This instant glue not only withstands heavy loads but is also shock-resistant and serves as a waterproof glue and a heatproof glue, proving reliable for a huge range of requirements and users. When you are ready to glue, ensure the surfaces you want to bond are clean, dry and close-fitting. Lightly dampen porous surfaces. Simply remove the cap and apply a small quantity of the liquid glue to one surface, press both surfaces together immediately and hold them in place until the bond sets. Easy!
The Product Benefits at a Glance:
• For precise applications even on hard to reach places
• Anti-clog cap & extra-long, precise nozzle
• Instant strength in a drop
• Dries transparent for invisible repairs
• Multi-material: metal, china, rubber, wood, plastic* etc.
• Water, dishwasher, shock & temperature resistant
• Technology: Cyanoacrylate liquid formula
• Colour: Transparent
• Format: 1 x 10g Bottle.
(except PE/PP)" Functional design – This strong glue is specially designed for accuracy with an extra-long nozzle for precise applications and even for hard-to-reach places.
All-purpose glue – This glue is suitable for various materials such as china or rubber and can also be used as a wood glue, metal glue or plastic
*(except PE, PP)Long-lasting – With instant strength in a single drop, Loctite Precision superglue combines cyanoacrylate technology to ensure durability whilst drying transparently. Extra Strength – Loctite Super Glue is not only water and dishwasher resistant but also shock and temperature resistant. This proves ideal for use in a range of locations.