SupaDec Duct Tape 48mm x 50m SILVER s664972

Vinyl cloth reinforced tape with adhesive backing.

£4.70 inc VAT

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Gorilla Glue Super Glue Brush & Nozzle s348027

Two ways to dispense - precision tip nozzle and fine bristle brush for ultimate control

£5.95 inc VAT

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SupaDec PVA Adhesive & Sealer 1L s834171

Bonds to most building materials.

£4.75 inc VAT

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Loctite Super Glue Precision Max 10g Bottle s143033

Loctite Precision Max – Especially suited for precise applications.

£2.55 inc VAT

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SupaDec Fastgrip Instant Nails 300ml s403620

Solvent Free.
Clean & fast curing.
Adheres to most building surfaces.

£1.65 inc VAT

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SupaDec Clear Tape 24mm x 50m CT2450 s664517

Strong clear adhesive tape ideal for mending, sealing and packing.

£0.65 inc VAT

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Evo Stik Resin W Weatherproof Wood Adhesive (Exterior) 125ml s523060

One-part water-resistant synthetic resin emulsion adhesive

£3.50 inc VAT

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SupaDec Super Glue Industrial Grade 20gm s577171

Quick Curing.
Bonds; PVCu, Metal, Aluminium, Ceramics and EPDM.

£1.55 inc VAT

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SupaDec Duct Tape 48mm x 50m Hi-Vis s308169

Suitable for interior and exterior use.
Strong and durable self adhesive PVC tape.

£4.70 inc VAT

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Gorilla Glue Grab Adhesive 290ml s348029

The 100% adhesive formula provides a long-lasting, heavy duty bond

£8.95 inc VAT

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Gorilla Glue Wood Glue 236ml s301204

Use on hard woods, soft woods and wood composites.

£4.80 inc VAT

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